Does vitamin C kill viruses?

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Does vitamin C kill viruses?

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Vitamin C does not kill viruses but Vitamin C helps boost your bodies immune system which helps fight off and kill viruses.

Your bodies immune system is what kills off the viruses and when immune system gets enough vitamin c and vitamin d the immune system can more easily fight off viruses such as the flu virus, cold virus and even the new Covid-19 virus.

As long as you keep eating healthy, drinking healthy drinks and increasing your vitamin c and vitamin d intake your bodies immune system will work much better.

When your immune system is working properly you recover faster and better from the viruses.

Vitamin C does help with the flu because it helps boost your immune system.

The Vitamin C helps boost your immune system which helps fight off the flu virus as well as many other viruses as well.

Vitamin D boosts your bodies immune system even more and although Vitamin C is good for the flu to help get rid of the flu and even prevent the flu you should also increase your intake of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is even better for helping fight off the flu and helping boost your bodies immune system as well.

Eating healthy, eating foods that contain vitamin c, vitamin d and other vitamins or taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and other vitamin supplements can also help keep your body healthy and prevent the flu and help you recover from the flu much faster as well.
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It doesn't kill viruses but helps the immunity to fight it. I have to say, it's essential to consult a specialist as self-treatment may be harmful. Besides, taking vitamins for skin health is also necessary. Personally, I take vitamin D, C, K now. By the way, I always buy all the meds and vitamins from Canadian Pharmacy so highly recommend it.

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