What do you think about E-Learning?

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asked Aug 31 in Financial Aid by Harry Jacob (120 points)

I study at the institute on distance learning. We made Custom eLearning Solutions for our institute and this really helps us to develop during the quarantine. So I decided to start learning to program. Help. Where to begin?

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answered Aug 31 by Shelde (41,540 points)
E Learning is a great way to learn for most people.

With E Learning you can learn from home and not have to show up at school or drive to a college etc to learn.

Some college courses do require at least some in college learning to get hands on experience.

But for most of the study and learning you can do the learning at home from your computer or Laptop anywhere.

Just like for regular school most students can learn from home on their laptop or desktop computer without needing to go to school.

You could be doing the online E learning from anywhere in the world which is great.
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answered Sep 28 by anonymous
Tutoring is very important, especially if you go to medical school. Because it is one of the highest ways of internalizing knowledge to share it with other people, to teach them what you have learned. Tutoring allows students to better learn lessons that simply practice or study alone. This is the reason why you need a tutor, it can actually help improve your knowledge. I used the services of this resource https://studymind.co.uk/.
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answered Oct 14 by Jeraldo (4,380 points)

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answered 3 days ago by Alan_Adams (580 points)

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