Did you ever tell your parents you want to wear diapers?

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Did you ever tell your parents you want to wear diapers?

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I have never told my parents I wanted to wear diapers but I have been caught as a kid and teenager wearing diapers.

My parents know that I love diapers but they don't know I still wear diapers and they thought it was just a phase I would grow out of.

It's okay if you want to wear diapers again but I would just buy them on my own and not tell the parents that you like to wear diapers.

They don't need to know and they will likely not diaper you or buy you diapers and it creates an awkward situation between you and your parents.

My parents have caught me wearing diapers when I was living at home with them.

I've been caught wearing diapers by my parents several times and all the times I've been caught I got into trouble and my parents got mad at me.

I also once got caught sitting in a child car seat in my bedroom that I bought at a thrift store when I was around 10 years old.

There was a thrift store about 4 blocks from our house and I found an old child car seat that you put in a vehicle and it had the bar that comes down over the head and the harness.

I went and bought it when my parents would be out for an hour and would leave me alone.

I walked down to the thrift store and brought my wagon and bought the child car seat and then brought it home and hid it in my closet.

I could not fit properly into the car seat but it still felt great being in it.

Anyway on that day I was in a plastic backed pampers diaper and was sitting in the car seat and I was so not thinking about my parents returning and I forgot to block my bedroom door.

My mom walked in my bedroom and caught me sitting in the car seat with a diaper.

She yelled at me and asked where I got that car seat.

I told her I bought it.

She got mad and made me sit in it for awhile which I actually liked.

She also then put the car seat in our car and I had to ride around in it wearing nothing but my diaper.

I actually liked it but hated it.

She then just put the car seat away in our garage but I found it and still now have it as an adult and still sit in it.

My parents have always caught me wearing diapers and just got mad at me.

But it never stopped me from wanting to wear diapers and now as an adult I wear diapers full time.

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