Why Online Shopping Is Getting Popularity - What's So Special About It?

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Online shopping is getting popular and has been popular for many years now because shopping online is so much easier and usually less expensive than going to the store.

Some online stores even throw in free shipping which although you are paying for the shipping through the cost of the goods the cost is still cheaper than buying the product in the stores.

I prefer shopping online for most things because it's cheaper, no sales tax, no cost of gasoline to drive to the store, no lines at the register where I would have to stand etc.

I can shop from the comfort of my own home or in the park or anywhere with my laptop computer.

Shopping online will likely become much more popular as the years go by and most people may eventually be shopping online more than they would be going to the store.

I still go to the store to buy things such as groceries or sometimes I need right now and cannot wait on.

But for other things I go shopping online and wait for it to arrive.
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answered Aug 31, 2020 by MarkoGerber (420 points)

We are going through a transitional era where, by each day, people prefer shopping through an e-commerce store than a typical retail store in the street. When you have to visit a physical store, you get stuck in many nano-tasks like getting dressed up, cleaning the car, stopping at the gas station and waiting in the store. Even after that imagine going to another store when you can't find the specific item you came all this way to buy.

However, for an e-commerce buyer these nano-tasks are non-existent. You can buy your favorite item while wearing pajamas. Also, if you can't find a specific item, you can always visit hundreds of other online stores to buy it. A recent research showed that 60% of American are glad that they don't have to shop in a crowded place. There are some items like lingerie, that are difficult to buy without someone awkwardly staring at you. These situations can make you feel embarrassed for no reason. This can't happen in e-commerce shopping because no one is watching you. You can buy anything without feeling embarrassed. Visiting a website like sitepricechecker.com you get to know more about the product prices

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