How many adults pick their nose?

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How many adults pick their nose?

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Every adult in the world picks their nose whether they admit to it or not.

There was a survey that was taken online and about 91 percent of the adults who took the survey said that they pick their nose even as adults.

However that is not every adult in the world who responded but at least the majority of the adults surveyed said they picked their nose at least some of the time.

Kids and teens pick their noses more than adults do but all adults pick their nose at least sometimes whether they deny it or not.

Even myself as an adult I pick my nose sometimes especially when I have some hard boogers in my nose that I need too or want to get out.

It's okay to pick your nose unless you're causing bleeding or eating the boogers.

Just make sure you Wash your hands after picking your nose and before you eat or prepare food.

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