How much does adopting a cat cost?

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How much does adopting a cat cost?

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The cost of adopting a cat ranges from $15.00 to $100.00 depending on where you adopt the cat.

The adoption cost covers the cost of vaccines and also the cost of the care of the cat while it was at the shelter.

Adoption costs for cats from shelters can vary from place to place.

However the last time I adopted a cat from a shelter it only cost me $50.00 which was really reasonable.

The shelter may also want to interview you and see if you're a good fit and a good person to take care of the cat.

So with some pet shelters you may not be able to just go in and pick out a cat and then leave with it the same day.

The shelter may want to ask you some simple questions and as long as you're a good person then there's nothing too it and you should get your cat you wanted to adopt.

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