Can I pickup a package from FedEx on Saturday?

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Can I pickup a package from FedEx on Saturday?

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Yes you can pickup your package from FedEx on a Saturday.

FedEx packages can be picked up at the local FedEx facility on Saturday and most Walgreen stores deal in FedEx packages as well.

So your FedEx package may go to the Walgreens where you can then pick it up.

You can also have your FedEx package held for pickup when it's convenient for you.

Most FedEx packages are delivered from the shipper to your address within 3 to 4 business day.

However when the package gets put on the FedEx vehicle for delivery it usually takes around 3 to 5 hours for FedEx to actually deliver the package to your door once the package has been put on the truck for delivery.

The FedEx driver has other packages to deliver and has to follow a route before they get to your address.

As long as your FedEx package is not on the vehicle for delivery today then you can have the package held for Pickup at a local FedEx facility.

You can pickup your FedEx packages at local Walgreens stores that participate in the FedEx services.

However if your package is already out for delivery today then you should get the package that day and not have to worry about it being held for pickup.

When FedEx tracking says on FedEx vehicle for delivery it means that you will get the package that day.

So if your package is coming through FedEx and the tracking says On FedEx vehicle for delivery today then you should get the package today.

FedEx delivers as early as 8:00 AM to as late as 8:00 PM in some places and so you should get your package between those hours.

There's no specific time that FedEx delivers to houses during the day and so you could get the package in the afternoon hours or later.

I get my FedEx packages around 2:40 PM here but the time can vary.

If the FedEx package does not require a signature then the FedEx driver will just leave the package someplace on your porch or somewhere around your front door.

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