Do Miles really matter on a car?

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Do Miles really matter on a car?

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When it comes to buying a car the miles do sometimes really matter on the vehicle.

Vehicles do not last forever and after so many miles problems with the vehicle creep up and get very costly and even sometimes the engine or transmission may completely stop working.

A high mileage car would be around 150,000 to 200,000 miles and if your car has 150,000 to 200,000 miles on it then the engine or transmission may need replaced soon.

That doesn't always mean it will but be prepared for an engine or transmission failure.

However some cars such as Honda cars can go 500,000 miles with the same engine and transmission depending on how well you care for it.

If the car has been poorly maintained then the car may not last longer than 200,000 miles.

I have a truck that has 500,000 miles on it but I've replaced the transmission and installed new engine bearings.

I've also changed the oil and transmission fluid often.

If a car has 300,000 miles on it then I would probably not buy it unless it was a very good price.

But any car that has under 200,000 miles is likely still gonna last another 100,000 or more miles.

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