How do you avoid bedbugs when traveling?

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How do you avoid bedbugs when traveling?

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To avoid bed bugs on your clothes while traveling place your clothes in plastic bags before placing the clothes in your suitcase.

When you get to a hotel or motel room only bring in enough clothes to change into and if possible leave the rest of the clothing out in your care or rental car if you have one.

If you have to bring in all your luggage to the hotel or motel room use luggage racks when available and put your luggage or clothing on shelf's off the floor.

Also inspect the bed and sheets for bed bugs before laying down on it.

Remove the sheets and look under the sheets and in between the mattress.

If you notice any bed bugs immediately call the staff or go to the staff of the hotel room or motel room and let them know.

Yes hotels and motels are liable for bed bugs and if the bed bugs bite someone staying at their hotel or motel then they can be sued in court and be liable for any injuries or other things such as having to exterminate your home for bed bugs.

Hotels and motels are legally required by the health department to keep the hotel and motels clean, sanitary and free of bugs, bed bugs etc.

The hotel and motel has to provide a safe environment for the hotel and motel guests staying their.

You can bring bed bugs home from a hotel room or motel room if you're not careful and the hotel or motel room has bed bugs.

Bed bugs can be hard to see so you need to look close and look under the sheets, and under pillows, under the blankets etc.

You can see bed bugs with the naked eye and they are pretty easy to spot if you know what you're looking for.

Keep your suitcase and clothing off the bed and off the floor.

If you notice any bed bugs immediately alert the hotel or motel staff and they will remedy the situation and if possible get you a different hotel room.

I have brought bed bugs home from a hotel before and had to have the bed bugs exterminated by an exterminator.

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