What is the highest paid job in the world?

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What is the highest paid job in the world?
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The highest paid job in the world are being an actor, actress or singer.

But those jobs are really hard to get into and being an actor or actress is also a pretty hard job but not being a singer.

With singing you just really need the talent of singing and for a record label to sign you up.

But as for other highest paid jobs in the world those would be being a brain surgeon or being a surgeon for other things.

Also being a doctor, nurse etc are all good high paying jobs.

Other high paying jobs are lawyers, attorneys, police officer, Political scientist. financial advisor, insurance salesman, insurance agent, real estate agent, Business Operations Manager, Optometrist and Pharmacist.

Some jobs are safer than others and other jobs are more dangerous than others and some of the dangerous jobs pay a higher salary than some less dangerous jobs do.
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answered Dec 27, 2021 by Jadetayor (3,110 points)
Actresses and singers are the most highest paying jobs in the world.

While surgeons are also considered to the be the highest paid and the highest paid surgeon is the neurosurgeon who works on brains and does brain surgery.

A radiologist is also a high paid doctor.
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