What is the longest lasting car battery?

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What is the longest lasting car battery?

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The longest lasting car battery is the Interstate car battery brand.

I've had an Interstate Truck Battery in my truck last 13 years before it went bad.

The Interstate battery in my truck was bought new when I installed it in my truck and it only started going bad 13 years later.

I paid around $150.00 for that battery from an auto repair shop and it was well worth the money.

When the Interstate battery failed I replaced it with another Interstate battery and so far it has been going good for 3 years now.

I bet it would last as long a the old one did and I paid $150.00 again for the new battery.

Optima batteries are also another good car battery that is supposed to last a long time.

ACDelco, Odyssey PC680 and Exide Edge or Exide batteries are also great car batteries that last a long time.

Most car batteries will last between 5 to 10 years but if it's been 5 years on a cheaper battery then you will likely want to replace the battery soon before it leaves you stranded.

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