Where are Exide car batteries made?

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Where are Exide car batteries made?

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Exide car batteries are manufactured in Exide manufacturing plants that are located throughout the U.S., Pacific Rim, Europe and Australia.

Most Exide car batteries are made in the USA.

But some Exide car batteries may be made in Europe or Australia especially for those batteries that are being sold near those locations.

However I have noticed some Exide car batteries that are sold in the USA are made in Australia.

Exide car batteries manufacturing company also has battery recycling plants as well.

So Exide car battery companies also recycle car batteries and even recycle car batteries made by other companies.

When you sell a car battery or car batteries to scrap yards or you turn your old battery into the store for a core then they send your old battery off for recycling and it can end up at several different battery recycling plants.

Then it's turned into new batteries using the plastic, lead etc.

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