What happens if you put bigger tires on your car?

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What happens if you put bigger tires on your car?

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When you put bigger tires on your car or other vehicle the vehicle will show a less accurate speed reading on the speedometer.

The speedometer can be thrown off of accuracy by at least 13 percent depending on how much bigger the tires are on your vehicle.

Also putting bigger and larger tires on your car or other vehicle will result in faster and more composed handling and also results in slower acceleration.

I have put bigger tires on the back of my truck before and I only noticed a few MPH off of the speedometer accuracy but I only put those tires on because I was broke and only found larger tires and wheels at a Junk Yard.

They got me by until I could get the money a year later to buy the correct sized tires to put on my wheels.

putting bigger tires on your car or other vehicle can throw the speedometer off by at least 13 percent.

The bigger tires can cause your speedometer to indicate a speed that is too slow by almost 13 percent.

So while your speedometer may be saying you're going 40 MPH you may actually be going 50 MPH or even 55 MPH.

That means that while you're thinking you're not speeding you may actually be speeding and not even realize it because of the bigger tires.

So you need to compensate for the reduction in the accuracy of the speedometer when you put bigger tires on your vehicle.

The bigger tires may also use more fuel to get your vehicle the same amount of distance and miles.

When you put bigger tires and wheels on your car the bigger tires and wheels cover more ground in one complete revolution.

So that's a reason that your speedometer gets thrown off.

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