How can I make size 6 disposable baby diapers fit me as an adult?

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asked Jul 6, 2020 in AB/DL by tbdboy (220 points)
How can I make size 6 disposable baby diapers fit me as an adult?

I bought some cheap size 6 disposable baby diapers in a new grocery store here because they were cheap and they have a cute design to them.

I actually removed the cloth covering to them and they are actually a shiny all over print disposable baby diaper that are cuter without the cloth covering.

The diapers don't really fit me but I find that I may be able to get them to fit on me somehow.

They are cute and I would buy more for as cheap as they are and I wish I could find adult disposable diapers with the same print.

The diaper has giraffes and a bird and are yellow, purple and white.

I wish I had a kid that could wear these as they would look really cute on them with just the plastic covering.

If you wear baby diapers as an adult how do you make them fit?

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answered Jul 6, 2020 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
OMG those baby diapers sound really cute.

I have a 32 inch waist and can squeeze into baby diapers as long as I use some packing tape or duct tape.

The clear packing tape wrapped around the diaper makes the size 6 diapers and even size 7 diapers fit better but not completely correctly.

Wearing actual baby diapers makes me feel more like a toddler.

I wear Pampers Cruisers size 7 diapers sometimes and can just about squeeze into them but to keep the tabs from coming undone and to hold the diaper in place I have to wrap it with some packing tape.

That works just fine for me.

I can even squeeze into size 6 diapers with packing tape as well.

I mostly wear adult diapers that have cute prints from Abuniverse but they are more expensive and not as readily available.

So buying some packing tape in bulk and then taping the baby diaper around my waist that way helps.

The baby diapers just don't hold as much as adult diapers so you'll need to change sooner.
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answered Jul 7, 2020 by LindaHartzell (26,630 points)
Baby diapers are not meant for adults to wear.

So they are not made to fit you as an adult.

Maybe try adult diapers if you need to wear diapers as the adult diapers would fit you better.

I have however put a baby diaper in my panties before to use as a period pad or to catch some slight urine leakage after giving birth.

But there's no way the baby diaper and even a size 6 or size 7 diaper would've fit me at all.
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answered Aug 9, 2020 by toddlerdiaperboy (210 points)
I am 32 years old and male with a waist size of 36 inches and I'm pretty skinny and can almost easily fit into a size 6 baby diaper.

The size 6 baby diaper comes to just below my belly button but the tabs are about 4 inches too short on each side to actually secure the diaper on me.

So what I do to fit into size 6 baby diapers is to cut 2 of the tabs off one diaper and then stick the tab onto the Velcro of each tab.

Then I take the Velcro strip off the front of the diaper and then cut it about a couple inches and then glue the Velcro landing strip to the sides of the diaper.

I use a hot glue gun to do this and it works great.

Size 7 diapers fit me even better but size 6 diapers can fit me as an adult.

The baby diapers don't clump up like adults diapers do and the baby diapers have cute prints and it makes me feel more like a toddler when I'm wearing baby diapers.

The SAP in the baby diapers is also great.
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answered Aug 30, 2020 by diaperwetter10 (700 points)
I have a 32 inch waist and can make a size 6 baby diaper fit me.

Here's what I do to make the baby disposable diapers size 6 fit me.

I take the Velcro strip off the waistband of the diaper by peeling it off.

Then I cut the Velcro strip in half and then glue one to each side of the diaper and extend it out a little bit using a hot glue gun.

This way the diapers actual tabs will stick to the diaper and the diaper fits me snugly this way.

Then you don't have to do any extending of the diapers wings.

I also will run some packing tape around the waistband of the diaper to help hold it up and prevent the diaper from coming undone.

Size 7 pampers cruisers will fit me more easily this way as well.

Right now I'm wearing a size 6 Best Choice Store brand premium diaper this way.

It does not fit perfectly but it fits pretty good and holds a good wetting.

The diapers waistband comes to just a few inches below my belly button which is okay.

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