Can a dental cyst heal on its own?

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Can a dental cyst heal on its own?

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Most dental cysts or oral cysts go away on their own without needing to have the dental cyst removed.

Dental cysts are mostly harmless unless they lead to an infection.

You can have the dental cyst removed if it's bothering you but eventually within a month at least or a bit longer the dental cyst will go away on it's own.

While dental cysts themselves are harmless the dental cyst when leading to infection can cause a dental abscess.

Dental cysts are not dangerous and usually will go away on their own.

However you should get treatment for the dental cyst if possible because when a dental cyst is left untreated it can lead to infection of the gums and teeth.

The tooth infection and gum infection can cause serious complications.

So it would be best to see a dentist to get the dental cyst taken care of before it potentially causes any further infection.

Dental cysts are non cancerous so there's no worry about that.

Just like most other cysts on arms etc are not cancerous it's still a good idea to get it checked out just in case.

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