Are mice afraid of noise?

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Are mice afraid of noise?

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Yes mice are afraid of noise because noise usually means danger to the mouse.

When a mouse or mice hear noise they usually scurry off or go into hiding to avoid the danger that could be present.

For example if there are mice out in your house and you make noise such as simply walking into the room then the mice or mouse will usually run off to it's hiding spot.

Mice can also sense danger as they have a good sense of smell but mice have a poor eyesight.

A safe way to kill mice is through use of baking soda or even mice traps.

Yes baking soda does kill mice and is very safe for around kids and pets.

To kill mice with baking soda use one part flour or sugar & one part baking soda.

You don't have to use both sugar and flour, just one or the other mixed with baking soda and when the mice ingest this mixture they will bubble up inside and explode which kills them.

Mouse traps are another great option to kill mice near instantly.

Yes mice can smell other dead mice on mice or mouse traps.

Mice can also see other dead mice on mice traps and then learn to avoid those mice traps because they see the mouse trap as dangerous.

So you want to be sure to check mouse traps often and remove the dead mouse or mice as soon as possible.

If you do that then the mouse traps are pretty effective at killing mice.

Mouse traps that are properly baited and properly set to catch the mouse are very effective.

When using mouse traps you need to put some cheese or a piece of meat, peanut butter etc onto the mouse trap and make sure it's not easy for the food to come off of the mouse trap.

The mouse needs to work at getting the food off the mouse trap so that the mouse trap releases and then traps the mouse.

A snap mouse trap should near immediately snap down on the mouses neck and kill then within a minute or two.

Be sure to check mouse traps often so that other mice do not see the dead mouse and avoid the mouse traps.

The mice can see the dead mouse and realize that the mouse trap is dangerous and something to avoid.

Glue mouse traps are also a good effective way at catching mice as well.

You should also put a little bit of bait such as cheese, meat etc onto the glue mouse trap so that they are attracted to it

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