Are Great Danes smart?

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Are Great Danes smart?

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Yes Great Danes are a pretty smart dog breed.

Great Dane dogs are considered to be the 88th smartest dog breed for obedience as well as working intelligence and Great Danes are pretty easy to train.

A Great Dane Puppy needs at least 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise to keep them healthy.

You should take your Great Dane Puppy for at least a 20 to 30 minute walk each day when possible and if you can and have a yard for the Great Dane Puppy to run around in that will also give them enough exercise.

Great Dane dogs are pretty good indoors but they also need a good sized yard to run around in to get a lot of exercise.

Great Danes grow from small puppies and into large dogs and require a lot of room to move around and also they require a lot of food.

So be prepared to spend some good money feeding your Great Dane as the Great Dane dog is a great eater and likes to constantly eat.

My friend has a Great Dane dog and lives on a farm with several acres which is good because that dog is big and needs a lot of room to run around.

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