How can I wear diapers to school without other people knowing?

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How can I wear diapers to school without other people knowing?

I want to wear diapers to school this year so that I don't have to go to the toilet so much and I love to wear diapers.

How can I wear diapers to school without the other people or students knowing I wear diapers?

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You can wear diapers to school without anyone noticing and all you really have to do is wear a Onesie or wear some boxers or underwear over the diaper to conceal it if your shirt rides up.

The diaper bulge may be a bit noticeable but most people are not looking at your crotch and as long as you go to the restroom like you normally would then nobody would really think anything of it.

Unless a bully pulls your pants down then nobody can tell your wearing a diaper.

Just don't poop your diaper in school because it will smell.

However peeing in a diaper in school is okay and nobody should know about it.

I wish my parents would have forced me to wear diapers in school but they never did so.

I did however wear a diaper to 1st grade though on my own.

It was a Pampers plastic backed diaper and nobody noticed it.

I wore diapers under my pants or shorts around my parents as a kid and they never found out.

I just wore my regular underwear over the diapers so that when I bent over or my shirt rode up the diaper would not be sticking out.

When I was a kid I wore those crinkly plastic backed pampers diapers that would make a crinkly noise when you moved.

My parents never noticed the sound even though I heard it myself.

You can wear a Onesie or just wear boxers or underwear over the diaper to hide it.

Also wear some loose fitting pants.

And make sure you change the diaper before it leaks because it could leak onto your pants which would then be noticeable.

I also wear diapers in public under my pants and wear just the diaper without boxers or underwear and nobody has noticed or said anything.

Most people will not notice you're wearing diapers.

To hide diapers from your parents you can put them in a backpack and bring them inside the house that way.

Pooping in a diaper feels amazing.

I love to feel the poop pushing out against my diaper as it feels very good and I also love to sit down and squish the poop around in my diaper.

I poop and pee in my diapers because I no longer use the toilet as I wear and use diapers full time by choice.

I have a rocking horse inside the house that I love to ride on when wearing a wet or poop diaper and it makes the diaper feel much better.

Rocking back and forth on the rocking horse in a diaper feels good.

Also playing on a swing or going down a slide in a poop filled diaper or even a soaking wet diaper feels amazing as well.

To clean up after a poopy diaper I just take a shower and use a handheld shower head and it makes the cleanup easier.

When I first started wearing diapers I would wear diapers at least once or twice per week when I had time.

However now as an adult I have been wearing diapers all the time.

So I wear diapers everyday and only take the diapers off to shower and after my shower I put a new diaper on.

I no longer use a toilet because I have decided to use diapers instead.

Diapers are much better for peeing and pooping in than a toilet.

I wear around 3 to 5 diapers per day depending on the absorbency of the diapers.

I wear the most absorbent adult diapers so that I don't have to change often or worry about leaks.

I plan to wear diapers all the time and use the diapers all the time for the rest of my life.

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