Does IBS cause explosive diarrhea?

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Does IBS cause explosive diarrhea?

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Yes IBS can cause explosive diarrhea.

Although the IBS that causes explosive diarrhea is called IBS D.

When you have IBS D you may also have stomach pain or belly pain and also may have frequent bowel movements as well as having loose stools and sudden urges to use the bathroom.

If you're having explosive diarrhea and have IBS and the explosive diarrhea won't stop or gets worse go to your doctor or the emergency room.

Diarrhea that lasts too long can cause dehydration which is not good.

So if you're having explosive diarrhea make sure you stay hydrated.

Most times the explosive diarrhea even with the IBS D or IBS will go away within a day or so but if not see your doctor about it.

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