Can new glasses make you dizzy?

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Can new glasses make you dizzy?

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Yes new eyeglasses can make you dizzy when you first begin wearing them.

It can take some time for people to adjust to wearing new eyeglasses because your eyes need some time to get used to wearing the new eyeglasses.

If you get dizzy when wearing new eyeglasses then it's perfectly normal and very common and nothing to worry about.

You should get used to wearing the new eyeglasses within a few weeks and your eyes should not be blurry or you should not be dizzy after about 2 to 4 weeks.

If you continue to be dizzy or have blurry vision after 4 weeks or longer then you should let your eye doctor know about it.

The eyeglasses should not always make you dizzy or cause blurry vision for too long.

It's normal for people to have eye strain and feel dizzy and feel off balance for a few weeks or so until your eyes adjust to the new eyeglasses.

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