Are apples good for your teeth?

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Are apples good for your teeth?

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Apples are good for your teeth.

You can actually clean your teeth using apples by chewing the apples.

When you chew the apples the apples clean your teeth through the chewing process of the apple because the apples stimulate the alkaline saliva flow that neutralizes the acids that are produced in the dental plaque after the bodies carbohydrate ingestion.

So yes eating apples can help keep your teeth in good health and clean.

But you should still brush your teeth often as in 2 to 3 times per day and floss your teeth as well.

Apples are very healthy and nutritious and there's no harm in eating the apples everyday if you want too.

I eat apples almost everyday myself and keep a bunch of apples around as a healthy snack although some days I switch to eating other fruits such as bananas, pears etc.

But you can eat apples everyday if you want too and you'll be benefiting your health and apples do provide you with energy as well.

Also it's OK to eat apple on empty stomachs.

You can eat an apple or apples at anytime during the day or night or whenever you're feeling hungry.

I like to have an apple in the morning when I wake up while I'm making my other breakfast.

The apple is a very healthy part of a breakfast and apples are a very healthy snack as well.

I keep apples at my desk as well and snack on them through the day while working from home.

The apple is usually better digested when you have something else in your stomach first but it's not harmful or bad to eat apples on an empty stomach.

Apples everyday is healthy as well because apples promote good digestive health, provide you with vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients.

Eating apples can help boost your immune system as well.

Just like the saying an apple a day will keep the doctor away.

Apples are a very healthy fruit.

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