How does your body fight the flu?

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How does your body fight the flu?

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Your body fights off the flu virus through use of it's immune system.

When the flu infects your body the bodies immune system kicks in to begin fighting off the virus.

When you have the flu and are coughing up mucus that mucus contains viruses and bacteria that the mucus is trapping and expelling from your body.

So you always want to spit out the mucus or phlegm because it's your bodies way of expelling the viruses.

Also your body heats up which is known as a fever and that fever is very important to your body fighting off the flu virus.

The flu virus cannot live in a heated up environment and so your body increases it's temperature naturally which helps to kill off the virus.

So unless the fever is dangerously high you do not want to bring the fever down because your fever is very important to fighting off the flu virus.

Your bodies immune system also comprises of other things that are similar to a virus that help to defend off the viruses in your body.

Keeping your immune system boosted and healthy is important because it helps you recover from the flu and other viruses much faster.

Make sure to eat healthy and get plenty of Vitamin D, Vitamin C etc to keep your immune system healthy and working properly.

Influenza B is not as dangerous as Influenza A.

However Influenza B can still be dangerous and cause death in some people especially in the elderly or in those with compromised immune systems or other health issues such as breathing issues, asthma etc.

Influenza B is worse than Influenza A and Influenza B can only be spread from human to human.

Type B Influenza can be spread throughout the year easily from human to human and cause seasonal outbreaks.

Yes it is possible for you to get influenza A twice in a year.

You can have the flu virus more than once in a year because there are multiple strains of the flu virus that goes around.

I've gotten Influenza A twice myself and it was not good.

I've also gotten the flu 6 times in a single year which was even worse.

I came out of it okay afterwards though but I never thought I could get the flu virus more than once in a year and even more so never thought I would get the flu 6 times in a single year but it's possible.

It takes between 1 week to 2 weeks to get over influenza type A.

Getting over influenza type A takes the same amount of time to get over as it does to get over any other type of flu virus.

When you have the flu including influenza type A you're usually contagious with the influenza type A the day before you show symptoms of the influenza type A flu virus.

That means you could infect someone else around you without even knowing about it.

Most people when they do have influenza type A get feeling better within 1 week to 2 weeks after they get it.

If not you need to see a doctor about it.

However a doctor cannot do much for the common flu and usually just waiting it out and taking some flu medicines and fever reducers can help manage the symptoms.

Stay in bed as much as possible, get plenty of rest, drinking plenty of water, tea and other hydrating fluids and within a week to 2 weeks you should be over the influenza type A flu virus.

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