Do adult diapers work for road trips?

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Do adult diapers work for road trips?

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Yes adult diapers do work for road trips.

When going on road trips wearing diapers is a wonderful thing because you don't have to worry about finding a restroom or toilet to go pee or even poop.

I wear diapers on all road trips that I make and always just pee and poop in the diaper when needed and it's great that I no longer have to hold it in when driving down the road on the road trip.

All I have to do is use the diaper and pee in the diaper or poop in the diaper and go on my way.

There can sometimes be 80 miles to 100 miles of driving between rest stops or a gas station on the road trips.

I just change my diaper when It gets full enough or when it's even half wet and I have a chance to change the diaper.

I think all kids should be wearing diapers on road trips as well because they can just pee the diaper and not have to hold it.

Holding your pee in is not good for your kidneys or bladder so it's best to wear diapers or wear adult diapers on road trips so that you can just pee when you need too.

I highly recommend anyone going on a road trip to wear adult diapers for them.

Get the most absorbent disposable adult diaper you can buy so that it does not leak so quickly.
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answered Jun 18 by SandSam (710 points)
Adult diapers can work great for road trips if you need to wear adult diapers or want to wear adult diapers for road trips.

There have been times I could've used an adult diaper when on a road trip because I couldn't find a toilet nearby but luckily I was able to pull over and find a tree where I could go pee.

But adult diapers would've been really helpful.

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