Does sterno burn clean?

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Does sterno burn clean?

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Yes Sterno Cooking fuel does burn clean.

Sterno cooking fuel is made from ingredients and a formula that is biodegradable and water soluble which makes the Sterno cooking fuel clean burning.

Sterno cooking fuel also does not emit any carbon monoxide or hazardous fumes into the air so the Sterno cooking fuel is safe to use indoors and inside a tent, camper, house etc.

I have used Sterno camping fuel to cook food inside a tent before when camping and have also used Sterno cooking fuel in my house during a power outage when my electric stove could not operate.

I never had any bad smells to the Sterno cooking fuel when it was burning and it did burn really clean.

Sterno cooking fuel is a wonderful thing to have around for both camping and to have as an emergency cooking source during power outages.

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