Do you play games?

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asked Jun 12 in Camping/RV by steel feel (580 points)
How often do you play games, and what games do you usually prefer?

I will be really happy to hear useful advices about it.

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answered Jun 12 by $19169 (620 points)

I do like to play some games and when outside I like to play games such as football, soccer, golf, baseball, tether ball and basketball.

When I'm inside the house and have time such as in the cold winter months here I like to play some online games.

Some easy online games I like to play are.

  • Block Champ.
  • 10x10.
  • Mahjongg Dimensions.
  • Mahjongg Candy.
  • Klondike Solitaire.
  • Mahjongg Solitaire.
  • Mahjongg Candy Cane.
  • Classic Solitaire
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answered Jun 13 by steel feel (580 points)

I used to play games quite often, especially in quarantine, but now the work is in full swing and it is generally unrealistic to find time to play at least something. I found a review of the best cooperative board games ever really want to buy, but I don’t know if I really will find the time to play this. I would not want to waste money and then it lay dusting in a closet. I do not like such meaningless spending. Do you like board games?

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