What else with Thessaloniki?

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asked Jun 5 in Other Travel by tony36 (190 points)
Went to Santorini recently and loved it. Would be great to experience calm and prettiness of greece and brilliant food one again so would like to know suggested and sensible places to go for a nice and relaxing get away. We're a couple in mid 30s. Thanks

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answered Jun 5 by Marlene99 (1,000 points)
Some great places to go in Greece when you're a couple are Rhodes, Milos, Chalki Village, Skala Erresos, Meteora, Santorini and Mykonos.

Those are all good places to visit in Greece for anyone and especially couples.

The places listed above are all great places to visit and relax in Greece.

The Rhodes place is one of the most popular places in Greece for couples to visit.

Rhodes is the most popular vacation destination in Greece due to its rich history and attractions.

I hope to visit Greece myself soon but hopefully i will within a few years.
commented Jun 6 by tony36 (190 points)
Many thank you Marlene!

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