Boil water when camping?

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Boil water when camping?

When camping and gathering water from streams and creeks do you really have to boil the water before drinking it?

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When camping and taking water from creeks, streams etc you should really boil the water before drinking it.

Boiling the water will help kill any potential bacteria or parasites that could be in the water.

The bacteria and parasites could make you sick and even possibly kill you.

I have however before drank water directly from a creek without boiling it and that has been 15 years ago now and I never gotten sick from it.

However it still is possible to get sick from drinking water that may not be the cleanest.

So if you can boil the water before drinking it when camping then that is the best thing to do.

If you're cooking with the water and the water will be brought to a boil anyway then you can just go ahead and cook with the water.

The water in the creeks and streams is likely cleaner and healthier for you than city tap water but there is the possibility of bacteria and parasites so it's best to at least boil the water before drinking it when camping or anytime else.

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