Can you carry a drill on a plane?

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asked May 23 in Planes by MrpBip (300 points)
Can you carry a drill on a plane?

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answered May 24 by outofcontrol1112 (540 points)
Drills and other tools can be brought onto the plane and go with you during your flight.

However if you do bring the drill or other tools on the plane the tools must be in your checked baggage and not in your carry on luggage.

You cannot bring power tools or other tools or sharp tools on the plane in the carry on luggage as it could be used as a weapon.

But you can bring the tools on the plane as long as it's in the checked baggage.

You'll be charged extra for the tools in the checked baggage because the more checked baggage you have on the plane with you the more the luggage is gonna cost.

So the cost of the checked baggage for the tools may outweigh the cost of the just buying the tools when you get there or it may be cheaper to ship your tools to the location you're going.

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