Can I take jewelry on a plane?

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asked May 23 in Planes by MrpBip (300 points)
Can I take jewelry on a plane?

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answered May 24 by outofcontrol1112 (540 points)
Yes you can take jewelry on a plane in both your carry on luggage as well as checked baggage.

You can also wear Jewelry on the plan if you want too as well.

Although if you do have metal Jewelry and are wearing it when going through the metal detector it will set the metal detector off.

So you may want to remove the Jewelry before going through the metal detector.

Also if you have Jewelry when your carry on luggage goes through the metal detector and it's metal the metal detector will be set off as well.

Then your carry on luggage will likely be searched.

But if you have nothing bad in the carry on luggage then nothing will go wrong.
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answered May 30 by Christeen (51,780 points)
Yes Jewelry can be brought onto the plane.

You can wear your Jewelry onto the plane but any other Jewelry should be put either in your checked luggage or carry on luggage.

But you can wear some Jewelry on the plane if you want too.
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answered Jun 4 by CV789 (380 points)
Yes you can take Jewelry onto a plane.

Some Jewelry you can wear onto the plane and other Jewelry you will need to put into your checked or carry on luggage.

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