Can I drive on a bad wheel bearing?

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asked May 23 in Other-Cars/Transportation by timaahs (400 points)
Can I drive on a bad wheel bearing?

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answered May 23 by Lupine09 (500 points)
You can drive on a bad wheel bearing.

However if you continue driving on a bad wheel bearing the wheel bearing will continue to get worse and worse and worse.

Then eventually the bad wheel bearing will seize up and then you might roll the vehicle or at least your wheel may come flying off.

I would not recommend driving too long on a bad wheel bearing unless it's just around town and not on the highway.

If you need to drive on the highway it's best to have the wheel bearing replaced before it leaves you stranded or even causes a serious or even deadly wreck.

I once had a bad wheel bearing seize up on me and my front wheel on the passenger side flew off and went into a field.

I'm lucky I didn't roll the vehicle but it could have happened.

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