What will stop a cough instantly?

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What will stop a cough instantly?

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When you have a cough and need to stop the coughing or cough instantly then a good way to stop the cough instantly is to drink some hot tea with some honey.

The honey will help soothe your throat as well as the hot drink or hot tea will help stop the coughing.

Honey has been a natural cough medicine for many years and really does help.

Drinking some warm or hot herbal teas can also help sooth a cough and especially with ginger and peppermint.

Halls Cough Drops are also good to stop coughing.

Most coughs that we experience are nothing to worry about and will usually resolve on their own without any treatment.

In most cases a cough goes away within a day or two but some coughs may last as long as 1 week to 2 weeks especially if the coughing is a result of a cold virus.

If the cough gets worse and you cannot stop coughing and the coughing lasts longer than a few weeks then you should go to a walk in clinic or urgent care center to get checked out.

Or make an appointment with your doctor so that they can check you out to be sure the coughing is nothing serious.

You should always see a doctor or go seek medical attention if the coughing causes you to cough up thick green or yellow phlegm or if you're wheezing, running a fever higher than 101 F, having night sweats, or are coughing up blood with the coughing.

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