Is there a phobia of school?

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Is there a phobia of school?

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Yes there is indeed a phobia of school.

The term that the phobia of school is called didaskaleinophobia or even simply school phobia.

Some people fear going to school and will do things to refuse going to school when possible.

Some kids or teens will refuse to go to school and either put up a fight about going to school, take their time getting dressed for school or even fake being sick so they can stay home from school.

I was one of those kids who started faking having the flu or stomach ache to avoid going to school.

During 1st grade when I was 7 years old I decided I hated school and would on some days fake having the flu or fake having a stomach virus.

I would tell my mom I had a fever and wasn't feeling good or I would tell her that I had a stomach ache and didn't feel like going to school.

Mom believed it sometimes but other times she knew I was faking it.

I would also sometimes delay getting dressed by refusing the clothes that my mom would get me.

If you have a fear of school you're not alone as a lot of people and kids are afraid of going to school and it's normal.

For some people school is fun and for other people school is torture.

For me school was torture and I am glad I no longer need to go to school.

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