What does an MRI cost out of pocket?

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What does an MRI cost out of pocket?

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The cost to have an MRI when paid out of pocket ranges from as low as $400.00 to as much as $3,500.00 depending on what needs to be done and where the MRI needs to be taken.

The average cost for most people who go in for an MRI is around $400.00 to $2,000.00 out of pocket.

Health insurance will pay for the MRI if it's deemed medically necessary.

The results of the MRI can be read immediately after the MRI imaging is done.

When you're done taking the MRI test then the image can be seen immediately afterwards and examined.

However while the doctor or MRI specialist may view the MRI image right away you may not get full test results back for a few days.

That is because the MRI image is usually sent off to another lab to take a look at and examine it more closely.

Sometimes the results from the MRI may just be read and told to you immediately and then sometimes if the doctor sees something else that needs further investigation then the doctor may send the MRI image off to someone else who can further examine it.

Then they can get back to you with the results.

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