Can anything be done for receding gums?

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Can anything be done for receding gums?

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If you have receding gums and want to fix the receding gums then yes there is something that can be done for the receding gums.

Receding gums do not grow back but a dentist can correct the receding gums if you want them to do so.

The dentist can fix your receding gums through dental and gum surgery.

To fix your receding gums the dentist oral surgeon will take some tissue from another part of your mouth and surgically place it around the are where the gums are receding.

That's the only way that receding gums can be permanently fixed.

Nothing else can really fix receding gums.

So if you want to have your receding gums fixed the dentist will need to do some oral surgery but it can be done.

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