Do you good lover

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asked May 16 in Other- Society & Culture by steel feel (480 points)
How do you think, you are a good in sex or no?

I think it will be very intersting topic to discuss, so let's discuss.

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answered May 16 by Minty (76,960 points)
Yes I do believe that I am a pretty good lover and am good in sex.

I have 4 children and really want another child eventually.

I do think it's an interesting subject.

I do not need anything but my own body to last in bed and my husband is very good at sex as well and can last a long time.

He enjoys sex just like I do and we will likely continue having sex while wearing and using protection for sex to prevent a baby when we are done having babies.

However I hope to have at least one more baby before I start using any protection for sex.
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answered May 17 by steel feel (480 points)

I think that I am really good at sex, but I think that in any area there is room to grow and develop, and sex is by no means an exception. My girlfriend and I often practice something new, and after I had seen enough of anal porn, I also want to try this kind of sex for myself. But you need to prepare well for it, buy a lubricant and all that.

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