How long does it take to drive 700 miles?

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How long does it take to drive 700 miles?

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Driving 700 miles at around 60 MPH to 70 MPH would take you around 15 to 16 hours when factoring in the rest stops, fuel stops etc.

Then there's the potential to get stopped at stop lights, road construction etc.

If you need to drive 700 miles then you should assume it would take you roughly 16 hours.

However I would drive at most 500 miles in one day and then stay at a motel for the night and then finish the other 200 miles the next day.

Driving 500 miles is very exhausting and make sure you get plenty of rest the night before.

The amount of miles you can drive in 1 hours time depends on how fast you're driving.

For example if you're driving at a speed of 50 MPH then you would drive 50 miles in 1 hour of drive time.

If you drive 60 MPH then you would drive 60 miles in 1 hour and if you drove 70 MPH then you would drive 70 miles in 1 hour.

That is if you did not get stopped in some traffic or needed to stop for anything else.

Let's say you are driving 500 miles on a road trip then assuming you were able to drive 60 MPH on the road trip and factoring in all your stops for bathroom breaks, fuel etc then you should cover the 500 miles in around 10 hours to 12 hours.

Some people may decide to only drive as much as 250 miles and then rest at a motel and then drive the additional 250 miles the next day.

But you can drive 500 miles in one day if you're up to the task.

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