Why is garden furniture so expensive?

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There are many reasons why garden furniture can cost more than indoor furniture. One major reason is the build quality and the materials used on the furniture. The garden furniture needs to cope up with the heat of the sun and changing climates, which is why the carpenters use special materials for making it. The commonly used materials for sofa are metal, plastic, teak wood, and quick-drying fabrics. Using metal in the making can amount to a lot more than using common wood that is used for indoor furniture. However, you can still find good quality garden furniture if you visit the land-based stores rather than shopping online. Visit here to know more about teak lutyens bench.

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Our first-rate furniture shop in Dubai features top-quality yet affordable outdoor furniture products with which you can expect a great deal of durability. These outdoor furniture items, particularly garden furniture comprise the highest build quality and come with flawless resilience against outdoor wear and tear. This way, they turn out to be extremely cost-effective and can be the best choice for you if you’re looking for cheap yet quality garden furniture.

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Many people ask why garden furniture is so expensive?
I think it comes down to the Quality of powder coating and firing of the finish in manufacturing. Which may be hard to tell when looking at an item. If it's done with a single layer of paint, it will not last, but for 1-2 seasons, and may rust. I do know that it depends on the facility in which it comes from. It takes a good sized paint room, fully enclosed, ventilation according to code, which is why it’s not typically a local thing. Usually, this would require coming from a larger business, that is capable of applying stronger, weather resistant coats., keeping in OSHA laws.

I know they are more expensive, but you'll probably be happy with them, long term. At least for your bigger pieces. The other added thing of spending more on Higher Quality is that you have better back up. No guarantees against Mother Nature mind you, but better. Get that info clarified up front.

For the accessories and smaller items, they are just that, expect them to please you for a season or two, and be surprised if they last longer.

I hope this helps!
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Hello! Garden landscaping is an important part of the home where we feel relaxed and fresh. Everyone wants a beautiful garden with stylish furniture, floor carpets for color and comfort, and ample space. If you are looking for stylish garden furniture, I recommend paying attention to the Patio Furniture online store. I bought my garden furniture there and am very happy with it. the garden looks very stylish. I recommend to visit this store and choose something for yourself.

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