How long does fifth disease last in toddlers?

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How long does fifth disease last in toddlers?

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If a toddler has fifth disease the fifth disease in toddlers usually lasts for 2 to 4 weeks and sometimes it may last as long as 8 weeks.

Most cases of fifth disease are not serious and will usually go away on their own but you can see a doctor if you want too to have the child checked out just to be safe.

Fifth disease is usually not serious as long as the child is healthy otherwise.

In some children or even adults who have other health issues the fifth disease can lead to other complications.

But for those children or adults who are healthy otherwise the fifth disease is not serious.

A child with fifth disease or slapped cheeks can go to school.

That is once the child has the rash from the fifth disease they can return to school because they are no longer contagious with the fifth disease.

When the rash appears from fifth disease the child can no longer spread the fifth disease to anyone else so they can safely return to school.

The fifth disease can only be spread during the week before the rash begins.

After the rash appears it's safe for the child to return to school, daycare etc.

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