Do pull ups feel wet?

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Do pull ups feel wet?

When a child wets a pull up do they feel wet in the pull up like they do when they wet a diaper?

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Pull ups are designed so that they absorb the pee and keep the child dry and unless the child really soaks the pull ups then they will not usually feel wet.

Even with a good quality disposable diaper the child will not really feel wet in the diaper unless they soaked the diaper until it's at or near the leaking point.

They did make some feel and learn pull ups.

Cloth diapers feel wet though.

I just used regular disposable diapers to potty train my 3 year old son with and just removed the diaper when he needed to pee or poop.

Then I put the diaper back on him until he needed to go again.

Yes you can potty train a child using diapers.

Some people just remove the diapers and put underwear on the child when potty training them.

However in the early stages of potty training putting the child in underwear will lead to a lot of messes on the floor, clothes, furniture etc.

Pull Ups can be used but they are just more expensive diapers that pull on and off.

I potty trained my 3 year old son using diapers and it went just fine.

I just told him that he should tell me when he needed to potty and then I would remove the diaper.

Sometimes he didn't make it to the toilet and the diaper was a good thing for him to wear because he would've peed all over the floor.

I just showed him also how to remove the diaper when he needed to pee or poop and he learned how to.

Then when he was done using the toilet I would put the diaper back on him and then told him that once he kept the diaper dry for a month then he could wear underwear.

The first few months he continued having pee accidents and then after that he was able to keep his diaper dry so then I switched him to underwear and he stopped wearing diapers in the day.

He still needed the diapers at night though until he was 8 years old.

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