Are Luvs brand diapers any good?

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Are Luvs brand diapers any good?

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Yes Luvs brand diapers are good diapers.

Luvs brand diapers are a great cheaper alternative to Pampers diapers.

Pampers diapers are actually better than Luvs diapers or any other cheaper diapers and do not sag as much as Luvs diapers do or other diapers.

However in reality Pampers diapers are made by Procter and Gamble which is the same company that makes Luvs brand diapers.

Luvs brand diapers are a cheaper alternative to Pampers diapers that are made by Pampers diapers company.

Luvs diapers do have a baby powder and fragrance smell to them though which to me smells awful especially when the kid pees in the diaper.

Pampers diapers do not have that smell to them so I would use Pampers but if you cannot afford Pampers then Luvs diapers will work just as good.

Both Pampers diapers and Luvs Diapers are made by the same company which is Procter and Gamble.

Pampers was the first brand of diaper that was made by Procter and Gamble and then Pampers or Procter and Gamble started making a cheaper but good quality version of their diapers which they called Luvs diapers.

So while Pampers and Luvs diapers are differently made diapers they are both made by the same exact company who makes Pampers and Luvs diapers.

Luvs diapers are great and hold up just as well as Pampers but at a cheaper price than Pampers.

But some kids may be allergic to certain things in the diapers so you may need to try either Pampers or Luvs or a different brand.

Both pampers diapers and Luvs diapers used to have regular tapes on them and were all a thick plastic backed diaper.

When I was a baby I wore those plastic backed Pampers diapers that were thick.

I have some pictures of me when I was 2 years old wearing those thicker Pampers diapers.

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