How do you survive awkward family gatherings?

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How do you survive awkward family gatherings?

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answered May 6, 2020 by Gracy (132,100 points)
When I was a kid I used to hate going to family gatherings and seeing family I didn't even know at all.

They would ask me if I remember them when I was 2 years old or so and I would say no I do not.

It was really awkward to be around family especially when I didn't know them.

I would just go back to the car and sit in the car until the family gathering was over but sometimes my mom would spank me and drag me out of the car and tell me to get back out there.

When I got to be a teenager I stayed home from family gatherings and family reunions.

I like some of my family but I still do not go to any family gatherings or family reunions even now as an adult and I have kids.

I don't hold any gatherings at my house either.

So if you're an adult or teenager you can just stay home if possible or if you do go try go walking around away from the family and bring a laptop, tablet etc to occupy yourself until the family gathering is over.

Or sit out in the vehicle.
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