Can I recycle cookie tins?

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Can I recycle cookie tins?

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Yes cookie tins can be recycled.

Cookie Tins are made of tin which is easily recyclable and can be recycled millions of times into new tin products.

Cookie tins can be placed in your regular recycling bin or if you do not have a recycling program in your area you can drop them off at a scrap metal yard.

You won't get much money for a few cookie tins but you can just drop them off there which is what I did before when I had some cookie tins to get rid of before a move.

I just asked the scrap metal yard if they would accept them for free and they did.

I just took them there and threw them in a bin.

But if you have a bunch of other scrap metal then you can mix them with the scrap metal and sell them to the scrap yard.

Or just drop the cookie tins in your recycling bin to be recycled.

Even popcorn tins can be recycled.

Or even make homemade cookies and place them in the cookie tins or use the old cookie tins for storing flour, sugar, buttons etc.

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