Are late talkers smarter?

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Are late talkers smarter?

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answered Apr 27 by Gracy (68,670 points)
Some children who are late talkers do tend to be smarter and more intelligent than early talker kids.

A late talker child is a child who is 2 years old who is not yet combining words yet and are saying fewer than 50 words.

An early talker would be a 2 year old who is saying more than 50 words and is able to combine some words.

But not all late talkers are smarter than early talkers and some kids just talk later than others and it's normal.

One of my kids was a late talker and one was an early talker and both are equally as smart as each other.

I don't really think one is smarter than the other but one kid could be smarter than the other in different ways.

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