How many teeth should an 11 month old have?

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How many teeth should an 11 month old have?

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Most 11 month old babies have 8 teeth in by the time they turn 11 months old.

However some 11 month old babies may only have 5 to 6 teeth at 11 months old which is normal.

There's no set amount of teeth that a baby has at a certain age as it can vary from baby to baby.

But your baby should have between 5 to 8 teeth when they are 11 months old.

When the baby gets to 3 years old they should have 20 teeth or at least all the teeth in.

Then as they get to 6 to 8 years old they lose their baby teeth and new teeth that are permanent grow in.

Some babies grow their teeth earlier than others and that is normal as well.

Once the baby has teeth in then they can eat other foods that you chop up for them.

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