Can you have twins with artificial insemination?

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Can you have twins with artificial insemination?

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Yes you can have twins when you have artificial insemination done to get pregnant.

Just like when you have regular intercourse to get pregnant you can have twins that way or even triplets or even more.

There's no way to guarantee twins whether through regular intercourse or artificial insemination but you can have twins or even triplets through artificial insemination although most artificial insemination's result in just one baby.

When getting artificial insemination to get pregnant the success rate of artificial insemination is between 10 to 15 percent.

Some people may even need fertility treatments to help them get pregnant even if they do artificial insemination.

The time it takes to get pregnant after artificial insemination can vary but it usually takes around the same amount of time to actually fertilize the egg and get pregnant as it would if you had regular intercourse with someone.

There's no guarantee that you will get pregnant through artificial insemination or even regular intercourse.

But you should know within 2 to 4 weeks after the artificial insemination whether or not you're pregnant.

The cost of artificial insemination is usually not paid for by any health insurance company.

I've heard that some health insurance companies may pay part of  or all of the artificial insemination costs.

But since getting pregnant through artificial insemination or getting pregnant no matter what is a choice and not a life or death situation then most health insurance will not cover the cost of artificial insemination.

It can cost between $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 for artificial insemination and you may need more than one artificial insemination done to actually get pregnant.

Not all artificial insemination sperm take and fertilize and there's no guarantee that the artificial insemination will take at all.

You might also need fertility treatments as well.

And that can add up in cost.

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