Is bedwetting a sign of ADHD?

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asked Apr 11, 2020 in Bed Wetting by Emanyur (300 points)
Is bedwetting a sign of ADHD?

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Yes there is a link between ADHD and bed wetting.

And those kids or teens who have ADHD are likely to also have bed wetting issues.

However you can still be wetting the bed and not have ADHD as well.

Many kids wet the bed and do not have ADHD or other health issues other than the wetting the bed.

In most kids and teens the bed wetting is usually caused by a non serious issue which is usually the bladder not growing as fast as it should.

So while the child or teen grows the bladder is slow to grow along with their body and when that happens the bladder is too small to hold in the urine produced through the night.

And then the bladder releases because the bladder muscles are not growing properly either and working properly.

That then results in a loss of bladder control at night and causes the wetting of the bed.

Bed wetting in children in teens is usually just a normal thing but if you're worried you can take the child to a doctor to have them checked out.

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