How many cups in a gallon?

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asked Apr 8, 2020 in Mathematics by 071042 (440 points)
How many cups in a gallon?

How many cups are there in a gallon?

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answered Apr 8, 2020 by Christeen (70,120 points)
In 1 gallon there are 16 eight ounce size cups.

In 1 gallon there are 128 ounces of liquid so since it takes 8 x 16 to equal 128 it would mean that you would have 16 of those 8 ounce cups in one gallon.

The average size cups are 8 ounces but if you have a smaller cup then it would take more than 16 cups to make a gallon and if you have larger than 8 ounce cups then it would take less cups to make a gallon.

But the short and simple answer to the question on how many cups are in a gallon is 16 cups.

16 cups are in a gallon.

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