What should a driver do if there is black ice on the road?

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What should a driver do if there is black ice on the road?

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If you're driving down the road and there is black ice on the road be sure to slow down and keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Don't panic and don't slam on the brakes as that can cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

Drive slower and try to keep your distance further away from vehicles ahead of you to allow you time to stop the vehicle safely.

Apply your brakes regularly but lightly to avoid the brakes from freezing and also avoid harsh braking, steering and acceleration.

If you can you should drive in low gear to help you keep and gain traction on the black ice and apply the brakes lightly again to check the road surface.

Only drive on the ice or black ice when needed and get off the road as soon as possible.

If you're traveling and the road conditions are getting icy then try finding a hotel or motel to pull over and get off the road and stay until the roads clear up.

Or at least get off the road into a parking lot such as Walmart or other stores and wait it out until the roads clear up.

Every year around 900 to 1,300 people die in the USA from driving on icy roads.

Icy roads are dangerous and you should never get out and drive on the icy roads unless absolutely necessary.

Even a small patch of ice can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

So if there is ice in the forecast and the roads are gonna get icy and you're already off the road and at home then stay home unless you absolutely need to drive on the roads.

Driving on the ice makes it even harder to stop the vehicle and it can cause you to spin your vehicle around or slide into oncoming traffic.

The deaths from icy roads can vary each year but between 900 and 1,300 deaths occur due to icy weather.

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