Why are honest diapers better?

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Why are honest diapers better?

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Honest diapers are good diapers and I bought some to try on my 2 year old son and they worked great.

But I could not find any reason that the honest diapers were any better than the Pampers that he normally wears.

The honest diapers cost more money than the Pampers and I only bought a couple of packs of them to try.

The honest diapers did not leak and they held up good to his heavy wetting even at night.

The prints on the honest diapers are cute as well.

But I would not see any reason to spend the additional money per month on the honest diapers because they did just the same as the Pampers diapers.

I used those 2 packs of honest diapers up on him and then after they were used up I switched him back to Pampers diapers.

Honest diapers are supposed to be better for the environment and are supposed to contain less chemicals than Pampers and other diapers.

But other than that they are not worth the extra expense.

If you can afford the honest diapers or your baby or toddler is breaking out with a rash from other diapers then honest diapers could be a good option.

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