How do parents change their babies diaper without getting disgusted?

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How do parents change their babies diaper without getting disgusted?

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Changing a babies diaper can be disgusting to some people.

And when I had my first child and changed his diapers I was disgusted especially when he had diarrhea and I had to clean that up.

However after he turned 6 months old and I changed a lot of diapers including the poop ones I eventually got used to it and it no longer became disgusting to me.

A babies poop is not as disgusting as a toddlers poop or even adults poop.

When the baby gets to 2 years old and above and you have to change poop diapers then the smell can be worse but eventually most parents get used to changing diapers.

The pee diapers are not even disgusting to me at least.

The pee ones do not smell and are easier to clean up.

I have a 3 year old boy that is not potty trained and although his poop stinks when I change his diaper it's not as bad as it used to be.

I will actually miss changing his diapers when he is potty trained.

I'm not potty training him right now because I want him to be in diapers as long as possible because he's likely my last baby.

They grow up so fast and he will have all his adult life to use the toilet so he can stay in diapers for awhile longer.

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